New Editor Tasks


We appreciate your interest in joining our team at Repropix Corp. We’re constantly in search of excellent editors to help expand our team, delivering quality work quickly. If you are selected, expect to produce at least 10 images daily, with the workload specifics to be discussed individually, for six days a week, taking only Sunday off. Please consider that we collaborate exclusively with advanced and professional editors.

Please download the image test [package]here. (Download all provided files). We have included merged [DNG] (our teams use merged DNG’s only) and a COMPLETE sample for your reference of the quality we require.

Take these DNG files and create and match the product to the enclosed COMPLETE files. 3-to 5 images should be enough to see your skills. We will respond if we see your skills and they match our quality requirements.

Do a side-by-side comparison with our samples before sending them to us! We are looking for a replication of our provided samples, not variations.

Using automated HDR software like Photomatix or Aurora HDR will make you ineligible for this position as it doesn’t fit our work style.

Do not use Google Drive to deliver files. You may use Dropbox, Sync, or WeTransfer instead.

Thank you and looking forward to the finished work sample within 24 hours.

Email to:

Good luck!