Frequently asked questions


Do you provide any package deals? Where can I find them?2022-07-01T09:02:44-05:00

We offer a few different bundles. Most of them are on our 3D page: https://fl.repropix.com/collections/3d-tours,

Do you provide discounts on photography and videography services?2022-06-06T07:51:40-05:00

We do not discount our products because our prices are already discounted.

How can I get files for download?2022-06-06T07:49:45-05:00

Receive images of the property with a single click on the link, which is provided in your email.

How can I get started as a Repropix Photographer?2022-08-15T10:15:32-05:00

If you are interested in joining our team, please fill out this online application: https://repropix.com/about/#join-rpx

How can I place an order for photography or other services?2022-06-06T07:40:29-05:00

Our website is available at all times.

How can I reschedule or cancel my photo shoot?2022-06-06T07:47:24-05:00

If you cancel or reschedule a session more than 24 hours before it is supposed to happen, there is no charge. If you cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours before the appointment, there will be a fee.

How does the duration of the video change as the size of the property grows?2022-06-06T07:52:35-05:00

Our walkthrough video is about 30-45 seconds long for every 1000 sq. ft. For example, for a house up to 3000 sq ft, the video will be about 90 seconds long.

How long does it take for a result (photos, videos) to be provided?2022-06-06T07:48:06-05:00

Our standard delivery time is 24-48 hours.

How long does it take to finish a photo shoot (on-site)? Is it necessary for me to be present?2022-06-06T07:48:47-05:00

If the property is vacant, you don’t have to be there when we take pictures. We usually need 30 to 90 minutes to take pictures of a home with 10 to 30 images.

In which cities do you provide your services?2022-06-06T07:46:53-05:00

We service the areas around Chicago and Tampa Bay.

Is the customer provided with printed pictures or just electronic copies?2022-06-06T07:50:32-05:00

We will deliver two types of digital images. One type is a high resolution image, which is good for printing. The other type is an MLS size image, which is smaller and good for online listings.


Do the 3D virtual tour images also work as images, or do we need to get regular photos as well to make them work?2022-06-29T07:08:56-05:00

Our quality requirements mean that we do not offer images from 3D scans. They are low-resolution and do not match our perception of quality.

How can I connect my virtual tour to the MLS and other websites?2022-06-07T01:20:16-05:00

We will provide a link that you can use to submit information about your property on the MLS page.

How can I save an image for web use?2022-06-07T01:23:52-05:00

If you want to use our images, you can download them to your PC and use them however you like. We don’t require contracts for image use. They belong to you.

How can I see and download my photos?2022-06-07T01:23:22-05:00

If you choose your own images, you will receive a proof collection online within 12 hours of your appointment. Your images will be delivered to you by email with links included. The link will be valid for 4 weeks.

How do I make my video tour available on YouTube?2022-06-07T01:20:47-05:00

We will send you a link to a YouTube video of your home.

How do I save an image for printing?2022-06-07T01:24:22-05:00

You can download the images to your computer. The files are in a zip folder. To open the files, you will need to extract them. Use the full resolution images for printing.

How long does it take for Virtual Staging to be complete?2022-06-07T01:21:49-05:00

We generally take about 24-48 hours to complete your order.

How long does it take to complete a Walkthrough Video?2022-06-07T01:22:47-05:00

We usually take about 24-48 hours to get back to you.

How long does it take to get Floor Plans?2022-06-07T01:21:17-05:00

We will send you a floor plan of your house within 24-48 hours of taking the photographs.

How many photographs are taken during a photo shoot?2022-06-07T01:19:49-05:00

We usually photograph about 25% more images than you order.

What is a 3D VIRTUAL Tour?2022-07-01T09:03:17-05:00

Matterport 3D camera infra-red scans create a virtual model of a home that people can walk through remotely.

What is a FLOOR PLAN?2022-06-07T01:18:54-05:00

A floor plan is a drawing that shows the relationships between rooms and spaces from a view from above.

What is a NARRATED WALK-THROUGH video?2022-07-01T09:03:21-05:00

Professionally filmed and edited walk-through property tour with added studio narration (voice-over). Stronger presentation in a competitive market.

What is a Slideshow?2022-06-29T07:11:17-05:00

An image virtual tour is a slideshow of pictures of your home that we processed. The pictures are set to music and you can watch them on YouTube.

What is a WALK-THROUGH video?2022-06-29T07:11:11-05:00

Professional quality video of your property. Filmed using a Steadicam, edited with licensed music, and presented as a link to YouTube.

What is AERIAL photography?2022-06-07T01:13:53-05:00

Aerial photography is when you take pictures and videos of land or property from a high up angle, like from a bird’s point of view.

What is CRYSTAL Clear?2022-06-07T01:12:52-05:00

A crystal clear image is an image that is made up of 5 different images. The different images represent different exposures, and when they are all put together, the image looks close to what we see with our eyes.

What is DAY to DUSK?2022-06-07T01:19:22-05:00

We change the light from daylight to evening. This affects more than just the sky and ambiance. Property lights and windows are lit, and shadows are removed.

What is the difference between Pro & Elite images?2022-07-28T06:40:20-05:00

Elite HDR stands for Superb Quality and Human artist-edited images that are a combination of 3 or more images that represent different exposures and are combined together to produce an image close to the human visual system.

Pro HDR (NEW) is created using AI (Artificial Intelligence) or simple – computer software that processes HDR images. Great value images, suitable for lower-budget or slightly less demanding properties.

What is the procedure for obtaining a Floor Plan from start to finish?2022-06-07T01:24:49-05:00

When you are ordering online, choose the floor plan you would like. We will scan it and send it to you as an email link.

What is VIRTUAL Staging?2022-06-07T01:18:23-05:00

You can choose any furniture you want to put in an empty room. Get rid of anything you don’t want in the room. Choose new colors for the room. And more.

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