Editor Checklist

Using this checklist will save time and will help to avoid mistakes.

The good editor is the one, who sees the color and notices details.



Whites: Ensure that items typically white (ceilings, baseboards, doors, window frames, and bathroom counters) appear true white in the image.


Wall Color Consistency: Maintain uniform wall colors across all photos of the same room, regardless of the angle photographed.


Floor and Carpet Color: Reference DNG files for accurate carpet and wood floor colors, aiming for consistency in all pictures.


Brightness Levels: Adjust the brightness of walls, floors, and furniture details as necessary to achieve the appropriate lightness or darkness.


Windows: Achieve HDR quality for windows to ensure exterior views are visible without overexposure. Window frames should predominantly appear white.


Lamp Clarity: Avoid haze on ceiling, wall, and table lamps, ensuring they are depicted as clearly as possible.


Color Tones: Eliminate any undesired color tones, particularly ensuring whites (like ceilings) do not appear dirty or discolored. Desaturate whites where needed.


Color Correction: Remove any blue, yellow, or magenta tones from floors, furniture, or other items in the image.


Geometry Correction: Ensure all photos are correctly aligned, both vertically and horizontally.


Haze and Smoke Removal: Images should be free of smoke or haze, particularly around light sources and windows. Use DNG and RAW files for color checking and removal of haze and smoke.


Artifacts Removal: Eliminate any dots and camera artifacts from images, including removing camera reflections from mirrors, windows, or reflective furniture surfaces.



Color and Glare: Ensure vibrant, true-to-life colors. Remove any sun glares for a clear view.


Sky Replacement: It is mandatory to present a blue sky. Retain natural blue skies when present; otherwise, replace the sky for consistency.


Color Cast Correction: After sky replacement, eliminate blue color casts from roofs, walls, windows, as well as on lawns, walkways, and roads to maintain natural hues.


Geometry: Exterior photos must be properly aligned, ensuring correct geometric presentation.


Lawn and Landscaping: The presence of a green and clean lawn is mandatory. Replace grass with a green and clean lawn if necessary. Clone to fill in gaps or remove unsightly objects as needed for an appealing appearance.


Privacy and Compliance: Obscure or remove realtor signs, people’s faces, and car license plates to respect privacy and comply with regulations.

Ensure all details are thoroughly checked before delivery.

• Edit checks: walls within the same room must maintain consistent color. All lamps should be visible and not overexposed. Bed sheets, curtains, furniture, floors, tiles, countertops, and window frames must have consistent and correct colors.

• Natural Appearance: Aim for a natural look without over-editing images. Do not overpaint or excessively alter images.

• Privacy and Compliance: Signs in front of the house (including seller names or company logos) must be either removed or blurred. Blur license plates on any visible cars. Ensure no humans are visible in the images.