5 Tips for Shooting Real Estate Exteriors

By Goda Stevens
5 Tips for Shooting Real Estate Exteriors
5 Tips for Shooting Real Estate Exteriors

5 Tips for Shooting Real Estate Exteriors

By Goda Stevens

Exterior photography


When it comes to real estate photography, exterior shots of a property can be some of the most important images you take. After all, these photos are often the first thing potential buyers will assess when looking for their new home. So if you want to make an impressive and memorable impact on them and increase your bookings, it’s essential that you nail your exterior shots! But how do you go about doing this? I’ve put together 5 Tips for Shooting Real Estate Exteriors. I believe every photographer should consider them when shooting real estate exteriors … so read on to find out more!

1. Prepare correctly


Firstly, prepare your equipment and make sure to have enough space on your camera’s memory card so you can take lots of pictures.

Before leaving your home, you always want to make sure your equipment is prepped and ready the day of a shoot. Double check your gear, make sure that batteries are charged and memory cards are empty for all cameras and lighting gear. Make sure to clear any memory cards used previously as well – a full card can mean lost shots. Also, have an extra battery or two on hand just in case one runs out during the shoot. Now that you’ve taken care of the gear, double check your camera settings:

– Aperture.

– ISO.

– White balance.

– Other settings changed depending on the space you’ll be shooting in.

Moreover, always leave more room than you’d think to take photos. Take shots with different lenses, shoot up close details when possible, get plenty of wide angle shots. Real Estate Photography requires not only a good eye but technology!

2. Find the right angles


Secondly, find the right angles to capture the highlights and make sure to take shots from multiple angles and distances.

Real Estate photography is all about having the right angles to capture the highlights and create beautiful photos. To make sure you get the best shots, move around your spot and take shots from multiple angles, heights and distances. By simply being intentional and creative with your shooting approach, you can have photographs that do justice to any property.

– Get different perspectives.

– Recompose as much as you can until you achieve an aesthetically pleasing composition.

– Always keep in mind which features should be highlighted in each shot.

Have fun!

3. Choose the best time of the day


Thirdly, keep lighting in mind when creating your compositions. Early morning or late evening light is usually better for real estate photographs.

Real estate exterior photography can be tricky to nail, but keep some basic lighting advice in mind. Early morning and late evening light is usually the best for these types of shots. Imagine the golden hues creeping up the sides of your buildings: it definitely adds a romantic air to any photo! And don’t forget about the details! Find ways to show off those sunlight streaks and make sure that you capture all of the curves and lines accurately. With a bit of timing and practice you’ll have stunning visuals to show off on your portfolio.

4. Remove unnecessary objects

Fourthly, remove anything that might be unavoidable: unnecessary objects, dustbins etc.

Real Estate Exterior Photography is so much better when you take away any potential distractions from the photo. Whether it’s battery operated decorations that could potentially lead to glare or a trash can in the frame. Removing anything that might be unavoidable can really help take it to the next level. Try moving out of view or hiding them behind plants and bushes, if possible. When done correctly, Real Estate photography can look spectacular!

5. Add some effects

Finally, consider adding a drama effect – use props and create interesting reflections during the shoot for stunning photos that stand out from the crowd.

Real Estate photography can be amazing when you add a drama effect. Using props during your photo shoot is a great way to create interesting reflections and make your pictures stand out from the crowd. For instance, try placing a mirror on the ground and find the perfect angle to reflect the exterior of your Real Estate property. This will not only create that drama look but also emphasize shapes and details in a unique way that will surely get attention! So let’s start experimenting with props and explore all the possibilities they can offer to make your Real Estate photos eye-catching.

In conclusion…

Real Estate Photography requires careful planning before taking pictures. With these 5 Tips for Shooting Real Estate Exteriors you will be creating beautiful photos in no time! Also, if you need the eye of the expert, you can always contact us.

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