What is CRYSTAL Clear? | From $129


What is AERIAL? |  From $89

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What is a VIRTUAL tour? | $19

• Crystal clear or HDR (high dynamic range) is a combination of 5 images at Repropix that represent different exposures and combined together produces an image close to the human visual system.

 • Aerial photography is drone photography and video (like the one above). It is the images of property and land from an elevated angle or a bird view.

• Image virtual tour is a slideshow clip created from your ordered images. Mixed to the music, presented with youtube link for MLS.

What is 3D VIRTUAL? | From $179

What is a WALK-THROUGH? | From $269

NARRATED video? | For $299 more

 • A three-dimensional property tour, created of Matterport 3D camera infra-red scans, lets real estate consumers remotely “walk through” a virtual model of a home.

 • High definition video of your property. Filmed by a professional Steadicam operator, edited to licensed music, presented as a YouTube link.

 • Professionally filmed and edited walk-through property tour with added studio narration (voice-over). Stronger presentation in a competitive market.

What is VIRTUAL Staging? | $29


What is the FLOOR PLAN? | From $69


What is DAY to DUSK? | $29


• Decorate any empty room with furniture of your choice. Remove unwanted items, replace room colors.

 • Floor plan is a drawing to scale, showing a view from above, of the relationships between rooms and spaces.

 • We change the light from daylight to evening. But not only the sky and ambiance. Property lights and windows are lit, shadows removed.